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by: Howard A. Levitt, BA, LLB
Everything you need or want to know about dismissing a non-unionized employee, legally and fairly, is laid out clearly and comprehensively in this single, portable book. Howard Levitt's...
by: Jamie Knight, LL.B., Carla V. Black, LL.B, Diane Laranja, J.D.
Understand the employer's obligations under three major pieces of health and safety legislation in the workplace HR practitioners are responsible for mitigating the costs resulting from...
by: Susan M. Singh, B.A., M.Sc.
A guide for HR practitioners on managing employee performance in the workplace, including issues such as performance reviews, goal setting, performance improvement and employee discipline....
by: Janice Rubin, B.A., LL.B., Christine M. Thomlinson, B.A., LL.B.
Written by leading employment and workplace investigations lawyers Janice Rubin and Christine Thomlinson, who have conducted countless workplace investigations (some of which were particularly high...
by: Paulette S. Haynes
Gain a general overview of the rights and obligations afforded to non-standard employees and independent contractors. Topics covered include benefits, pensions, employment legislation and...
by: Donald B. Jarvis, LL.B., Carol S. Nielsen, LL.B.
Discipline and termination of employment are among the most difficult tasks that a human resources professional must face on a day-to-day basis. If an employer imposes discipline, it must be prepared ...
by: Dr. Bobby Siu
Mentoring has become extremely popular in recent years – likely due to the ongoing war for talent and the lack of bench strength in many organizations with respect to up-and-coming leaders....
by: Didier Dubois, CPHR, Emilie Pelletier, M.Sc., CPHR, Katherine Poirier, CPHR
When social media first arrived on the scene over a decade ago, employers were understandably concerned with issues surrounding social media use in the workplace. These issues included the potential...
by: Daniel P. Randazzo
A fully annotated portable reference to the Ontario Labour Relations Act , as well as up-to-date consolidations of Regulations under the Act The 2019 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act is your...
by: Lorene A. Novakowski, LL.B., Mark Twigg, B.A., J.D.
An essential quick reference for understanding the Personal Information Protection Act This Quick Reference explains what personal employee information can or must be kept by the employer, what it...