Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book - 2019 Edition
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 978-0-7798-9141-2
Product Type: Book S.O. Annual/biannual/biennial
Anticip. Upkeep Cost: Annual editions supplied on standing order subscription
Number of Pages: Approximately 740 pages
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: softcover
Publication Date: 2019-07-26
Publisher: Carswell
Price: $112.00

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Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book – 2019 Edition is a quick reference resource for trial lawyers and judges.

Designed to be the first, quick-reference resource for trial lawyers and judges, Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book – 2019 Edition seeks to provide a quick answer on issues as they arise during trial proceedings, or a starting point for more in-depth research in preparation for a trial. Organized in a logical and easily accessible fashion reflecting the chronology of a criminal trial process – including bail, evidence, Charter, trials and sentencing – each section of Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book - 2019 Edition covers a number of legal issues from a variety of topics. Under each issue, concise summaries of the law with references to the relevant cases (with pinpoint citations) that support the summary are provided. The summaries then string together ratios and points from the various cases into a cohesive statement of the law. Mack's Criminal Law Trial Book – 2019 Edition is sure to be an ideal trial companion for busy practitioners.

New in this edition

- Largest update since the book was launched

- Over 400 new cases

- Over 20 new SCC decisions added including (i) Jarvis; (ii) Awashish; (iii) Villaroman; (iv) Wong; (v) Comeau; (vi) Calnen; (viii) Hunt; and (ix) Boutilier

- Over 30 new sections including sections on (i) 276 applications; (ii) sexual assault constructive murder; (iii) criminal harassment constructive murder; (iv) NCR; (v) appeal sections on fresh evidence, jury charges, sentence and appointment of counsel; (vi) mistrials; (vii) stare decisis; (viii) admissibility of cell phone evidence; (ix)

- Major revisions to several sections including (i) voyeurism; (ii) failure to provide necessaries of life; (iii) causation; (iv) testimonial aids; (v) certiorari; (vi) collateral fact rule; (vii) post-offence conduct; (viii) Section 11(b); (ix) credit for pre-sentence custody

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About the Author

Dallas Mack, B.Sc. (Hons), LL.B., is an Assistant Crown Attorney in Ottawa where he prosecutes criminal matters in both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice and has conducted appeals at the summary conviction appeal level and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Dallas lectures regularly on topics including search and seizure, alcohol and drug impaired driving and expert evidence in the courtroom for police services and fellow Crown Attorneys; he also acted as an adjunct professor for several years at the University of Ottawa, teaching forensic science and the law. He is the recipient of the Nelligan O’Brien Payne Award (highest standing in trial advocacy at the University of Ottawa), an Excelsior Award (from the Ministry of the Attorney General), the Prosecutor of the Year Award (from the International Association of Financial Crime Investigators) and the Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner’s Commendation for “Outstanding Investigation”. He is also the author Mack’s Criminal Law Bulletin, published on WestlawNext Canada – Criminal Source, Mack’s Criminal Law Trial Book, published by Thomson Reuters and a regular blogger on his award winning blog,

Miriam Fahim, B.A., Hon, JD, is an articling student at the Crown Attorney’s office in Hamilton. She assisted with the prosecution of a variety of criminal matters in both the Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice. She graduated cum laude from the University of Ottawa and made the Dean’s Honour List each year. While completing her degree, Miriam worked as a senior editor for the Ottawa Law Review, volunteered with Pro Bono Students Canada, and clerked with several judges of the Ontario Court of Justice. Miriam also contributed to the publication of Mack’s Jury Charge Review, published in 2018 on WestlawNext Canada. Miriam is interested in criminal and constitutional law and aims to pursue a career serving the public interest.