Family Law for Legal Professionals
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 0-459-24395-0
Product Type: Book
Number of Pages: Approximately 320 pages
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: softcover
Publication Date: 2006-08-25
Publisher: Carswell
Price: $140.00

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This publication covers the substantive law and procedure on the core family law subjects which will include the following: marriage; annulment; spousal support under both the Divorce Act and Family Law Act; child support under both acts, including a detailed description of how to calculate child support under the Child Support Guidelines; division of property between married spouses and the various applications to court regarding questions of title and property division; the matrimonial home, including transfer, mortgage, and the power of the court to award exclusive possession to one spouse; custody and access under the Children’s Law Reform Act; domestic contracts, including marriage contracts, separation agreements, and cohabitation agreements; children in need of protection under the Child and Family Services Act; and adoption under the Child and Family Services Act. In addition to an explanation of the substantive law and procedure, the book will contain case examples and completed precedents to show step by step how to prepare some important documents such as 1. calculation of child support under the Child Support Guidelines; 2. preparation of financial statements; 3 preparation of net family property statements; 4. preparation of divorce applications/petitions; 5. steps in conducting an uncontested divorce.