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by: The Honourable Mr. Justice Randall Scott Echlin, Christine M. Thomlinson, B.A., LL.B.
From "courting" (the search for employees), "engagement" (hiring) and "marriage" (maintaining the employment relationship), to "separation" (dealing with employee issues) and "divorce" (employee...
by: John P. Sanderson, Q.C., C.Med., C.Arb, Matthew Wilson
A practical, working manual for effective arbitration preparation and presentation, this work discusses arbitration in a pragmatic and practical manner to bring clarity to the process and provides...
by: The Hon. Mr. Justice John R. Sproat
This is a handbook for employment and labour lawyers and H.R. professionals essentially comprised of Part IV of Mr. Justice John R. Sproat's classic supplemented looseleaf Work: Employment Law...
by: Poppy Glickman, B.A., J.D.
Consulting Editor: Poppy Glickman, B.A., J.D. The Consolidated Ontario Employment and Labour Statutes and Regulations provides a one-stop resource for all the relevant statutes, regulations, forms,...
by: Howard A. Levitt, BA, LLB
War Stories from the Workplace: Columns by Howard Levitt by: Howard A. Levitt, BA, LLB Canada Law Book
by: Jamie Knight, LL.B., Carla V. Black, LL.B, Anne Marie Heenan
Details the history and development of the Canada Pension Plan, how it is administered, and specific information about the types of benefits available This Quick Reference provides a useful overview...
by: John P. Sanderson, Q.C., C.Med., C.Arb, Bill Cole
This clearly written and comprehensive book covers various aspects of the collective bargaining process including background to the bargaining, preparation for negotiation and renewal of an...
by: T. Stephen Lavender
Includes noteworthy court decisions interpreting the various provisions of the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000 This is an annual publication which provides annotations of noteworthy court...
by: Mohan A. Prabhu, Q.C.
Import and Export Laws in India-Canada Bilateral Trade: An Overview by: Mohan A. Prabhu, Q.C. Carswell
by: Lorene A. Novakowski, LL.B., Keri Bennett, J.D.
An essential quick reference for understanding the Personal Information Protection Act This Quick Reference explains what personal employee information can or must be kept by the employer; what it...