Ontario Planning Legislation 2017
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Number of Pages: Approximately 460 pages
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Publication Date: 2017-04-17
Publisher: Canada Law Book
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Consulting Editor: Bruce Engell

Ontario Planning Legislation includes information on local appeal bodies; prescribed matters including upper-tier community improvement plans; prescribed time periods; zoning by-laws; holding by-laws and interim control by-laws; plans of subdivision, and much more. This resource also includes:

  • The completely updated Planning Act
  • A table of contents that lists the subject-matter of each section of the Act
  • Detailed legislative history of the Act and regulations
  • Ontario Municipal Board (O.M.B.) Rules of Practice and Procedure
  • Ontario Municipal Board Act
  • Statutory Powers Procedure Act
  • A comprehensive subject index
  • A page layout that allows you to quickly identify the section

What’s New for 2017:

  • Planning Act amended by Bill 7 - Promoting Affordable Housing Act, 2016, S.O. 2016, c. 24
  • NEW regulations (in force July 2016):
    • O. Reg. 173/16 (Community Planning Permits) - replacing Ontario Regulation 608/06 (Development Permits)
    • O. Reg. 174/16 (Transitional Matters Relating to the Smart Growth for Our Communities Act, 2015)
  • Amended regulations:
    • Minor Variance Applications, O. Reg. 200/96
    • Consent Applications, O. Reg. 197/96
    • Exemption from Approval (Official Plan Amendments), O. Reg. 525/97
    • Approval Authority – Plans of Subdivision, O. Reg. 353/02
    • Consent Granting Authority, O. Reg. 354/02
    • Official Plans and Plan Amendments, O. Reg. 543/06
    • Plans of Subdivision, O. Reg. 544/06
    • Zoning By-Laws, Holding By-Laws and Interim Control By-Laws, O. Reg. 545/06
    • Requests to Amend or Revoke Minister's Zoning Orders, O. Reg. 546/06
    • Community Improvement Plans – Prescribed Upper-Tier Municipalities, O. Reg. 221/07
  • OMB Rules of Practice amended January 2017: Rule 107 – Effective Date of Board Decision


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About the Author

Bruce Engell, a partner at WeirFoulds LLP is the editor of the ongoing releases of Ontario Planning Practice: Annotated Statutes and Regulations. Mr. Engell, as well as the lawyers and planners at the Toronto law firm WeirFoulds LLP, the largest and most comprehensive municipal and planning group in Ontario, assembled and wrote the annotations for this practical and thorough planning law work, making it a must-have for all involved in Ontario planning law. Bruce is also the Consulting Editor for the annual legislative consolidation Ontario Planning Legislation.

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