Journal of the Insolvency Institute of Canada, Volume 6, 2017 + Insolvency Source
By: Insolvency Institute of Canada
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Publication Date: 2017-08-28
Publisher: Carswell
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Articles discussed include the most important insolvency restructuring topics, policies and issues of the day.

Advisory Board: Stephanie Ben-Ishai; Rodick J. Wood; Advisory Board: Peter Farkas, Peter Gibson, Pamela Huff and Max Mendelsohn The Journal of the Insolvency Institute of Canada brings together articles written by the thought leaders at the IIC, discussing the most important insolvency and restructuring topics, policies, and issues of the day. In this exclusive volume, all of the topics discussed at the annual conference of the Insolvency Institute of Canada are now available to members and non-members alike. It represents an important glimpse into the evolution of Canadian insolvency law and policy-making.


What’s New

  • Third Party Litigation Funding in the Canadian Insolvency Context

Stephanie Ben-Ishai and Emily Uza


  • Sureties in Insolvencies: Must the Tug of War with Stakeholders Continue?

Darren R. Bieganek, Q.C.


  • Two Year Anniversary of the Bloom Lake / Wabush CCAA Filing: Challenges and Lessons

Bernard Boucher and Ilia Kravtsov


  • CCAA Claims Processes – Guiding Principles for Developing an Effective Method of Determining Creditor Claims

Neil Bunker and Jeremy Dacks


  • A Bridge Too Far? Recent Development in CBCA Arrangements

Milly Chow and Paul Casey


  • Alternative Approaches to the Appointment of Insolvency Officers

Jane O. Dietrich and Gregory Prince


  • Where’s the COMI?

Michelle Grant and Tevia R.M. Jeffries


  • Standing Up for Shareholders: Treatment of Shareholders and Equity Claims in Canadian Corporate Insolvency Proceedings

Andrew Harmes


  • Oppression Claims in CCAA Cases – Reasonable and Fair? Filling in the Gaps or a Bridge Too Fair?

Joe Healey


  • An Analysis of the Prevalence of Privately Appointed Receivers in Atlantic Canada

Caitlin Mahoney, Josh McElman and George Cooper


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About the Author
The Insolvency Institute of Canada is Canada's premiere private sector insolvency organization. The Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the recognition and promotion of excellence in the field of insolvency. Its members are drawn from the most senior and experienced members of the insolvency community in Canada.