Consolidated Ontario Family Law Statutes and Regulations 2017-2018
ISBN/ISSN/Product Number: 978-0-7798-7880-2
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Number of Pages: Approximately 1360 pages
Number of Volumes: 1 volume bound
Binding: softcover
Publication Date: 2017-07-28
Publisher: Carswell
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Stay current on the latest developments in the Ontario Family Law Act

Contributing Editor: Brahm D. Siegel


This portable softcover gives you fast, convenient access to all family law statutes and regulations commonly used by the family law practitioner and the student of Ontario family law. In one resource, you get complete coverage with the full text of all key statutes and regulations in the Ontario family law field including Children's Law Reform Act, Civil Marriage Act, Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Family Law Rules and more. Quickly access the exact information you need with a section-by-section table of contents and a comprehensive index. Consolidated Ontario Family Law Statutes and Regulations also includes Tables of Concordance for the Child and Family Services Act, Family Law Act, Marriage Act, and Partition Act.


New in this edition

  • Proclamation of Bill 28, All Families Are Equal Act – New law amends legislation in Ontario respecting parentage
  • Children born through assisted reproduction  – Parts I and II of the Children’s Law Reform Act were repealed and re-written with the proclamation of Bill 28, All Families Are Equal Act to address assisted reproduction and surrogacy issues
  • Service of documents – Rule 6(8) of the Family Law Rules has been amended to change when service is effective by making a distinction between “same day” and “next-day” courier service
  • Child support – O. Reg. 478/16 updates the Tables in the Child Support Guidelines
About the Author
Brahm D. Siegel was called to the Bar of Ontario in 1995 and founded the firm of Nathens, Siegel three months later. He is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, is certified by the Law Society as a Specialist in Family Law. He is a co-author of McLeod's Ontario Family Law Rules Annotated and he is also the author of the chapters on divorce, procedure and alternative dispute resolution for the family law Licensing Process at the Law Society where he was an instructor for six years. Mr. Siegel has also been published in the Canadian Family Law Quarterly.

Mr. Siegel has been trained in Collaborative Family Law, and in March 2009 was appointed as a Dispute Resolution Officer in the family court of the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto.

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