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Aboriginal Law

Annotated Aboriginal Law: The Constitution, Legislation and Treaties 2018 (Formerly: Annotated Indian Act and Aboriginal Constitutional Provisions) 


The 2018 Annotated Bank Act with Associated Regulations + CD

Consolidated Bank Act and Regulations 2017-2018, 29th Edition  

Civil Practice & Procedure

Bullen & Leake & Jacob's Canadian Precedents of Pleadings, Third Edition + CD


The 2018 Annotated Customs Act 

The 2018 Annotated Competition Act

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Construction Lien Act

Builders' Liens in Alberta: Procedure, Law and the Annotated Act, 2017-2018

Conduct of a Lien Action 2018 + CD-ROM 

Import and Export Laws in India-Canada Bilateral Trade: An Overview


Consolidated Alberta Business Corporations Act, Related Statutes and Regulations 2017-2018 

Criminal Law & Offences 

Annotated Ontario Rules of Criminal Practice 2018 

British Columbia Annual Criminal Practice, 2018 Edition

Canadian Sentencing Digest 2017

Common Canadian Criminal Code Offences and Procedures, 2017-2018 + CD 

Damages/Remedies Torts

Personal Injury Damages in Canada, Third Edition


The 2018 Annotated Canada Labour Code

The 2018 Annotated Employment Insurance Act  

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Human Rights Code 

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act

B.C. Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition 

Ontario Employment Standards Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition

Ontario Labour Relations Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition

Environmental Law

Key Developments in Environmental Law 2017


The Portable Guide to Evidence, 5th Edition 

Family Law

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Children's Law Reform Act

Family Law: Text, Cases, Materials and Notes, 9th Edition

McLeod's Ontario Family Law Rules Annotated 2017-2018 

Health & Safety

Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition  

Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition  

Human Rights

The 2018 Annotated Canadian Human Rights Act 

Canadian Human Rights Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition

Ontario Human Rights Code: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition


Consolidated Insurance Companies Act of Canada, Regulations and Guidelines 2018

Intellectual Property

The 2018 Annotated Copyright Act

Legal Research & Writing

The Annotated Guide to the British Columbia Interpretation Act 


Legal Liability of Doctors and Hospitals in Canada, 5th Edition SC  (Student) 


Ontario Municipal Law: A User's Manual 2018


The 2017-2018 Annotated Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Acts

Canada Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition

Personal Information Protection Act - British Columbia and Alberta: Quick Reference - 2018 Edition 

Real Property

The 2018 Annotated Ontario Landlord and Tenant Statutes 


Alberta Securities Act and Regulation 2018 + CD

British Columbia Securities Act and Rules, Annotated, With British Columbia Regulations, Instruments, Forms, Notices and Policy Documents 2017-2018, 33rd Edition 

Consolidated Ontario Securities Act, Regulations and Rules - With Policy Statements, Blanket Orders and Notices 2017-2018, 63rd Edition + CD